Quick answer: shaken productivity, many anxiety attacks, and complete chaos in the planning of my life.

Now the slow answer.

2019 was my year. Still studying Design at UFRGS, I was selected to participate in the Apple Developer Academy as a student. It seemed like a dream come true. Being part of such an incredible class, for 2 years, with 49 more talented colleagues and internationally specialized mentors. As for each benefit, there is a cost, that was taking college and more Apple’s course at the same time.

In the past year or two, I have increasingly needed to hear opinions about my work.

It is not because of doubting the quality of my work or because I am afraid of not meeting customer expectations.

Listening to the others' opinions is part of the entire UX process. I always tried to escape criticism, since I was a teenager. I dreamed of growing up and being my big boss, delivering the job I needed to do, and living a peaceful life. Then, I discovered Design and, more recently, UX Design.

Visualizing my work in the hands of unknown people, from different places and with such different lives has become a goal. UX Design seemed like…

Cristian Garske

Product Designer and Graphic Artist

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